Syska FT1000K SensoSafe Female Trimmer (Pink)


  • 3 Guide Combs
  • 5 Length Adjustable Comb
  • AA Battery Operated
  • Precision Trimmer Head For Facial Hair Trimming
  • Rotary Shaver Head For All Body Hair Trimming
  • Gentle On All Skin Types Compact And Stylish Design
  • Multi-purpose Female Grooming Kit
  • Ideal For Bikini Trimming
    ·Removable Washable Head
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Let your hands glide on your skin, with the Syska SensoSafe hair trimmer which removes the body with silk-like smoothness. The Sensosafe is also a grooming kit that allows you to switch between the Precision Trimmer and a Rotary Head and the Bikini Trimmer. The Precision Trimmer gives you detailed shaping and trimming of your eyebrows. These blades also ensure painless hair removal with no skin irritation. The Rotary shaving head gives you easy and detailed hair trimming. The Bikini Trimmer comes with a 5 length adjustable comb which lets you shave intimate areas of your body with care. The removable head makes it easy to clean/wash your trimmer after every use and maintain the hygiene levels. What’s more? You get 2 years of warranty!


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