Syska TripleEdge Dry Nose & Ear Trimmer (NT7806, Silver)


  • Stylish, metallic body-color
  • 1*AA non-rechargeable battery operated. Note: Recommended brand for the battery is Duracell Alkaline series
  • Three-dimensional arch cutter
  • Open slits to trim the hair from different directions in different lengths
  • Protective cove
  • For extra hair length; the trimmer when placed in the center of the nostril or inside the ear; it will trim the long length hair.
  • For close and clean trim, the user has to ensure that the nostrils are cleaned with water before to avoid any clog on the blades and ears are wax-free.
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Syska NT7806 nose trimmer removes unwanted nose hairs with easy comfortable functioning.


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